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GatorHyde Products

Polyuea, Hybrid-Polyurea, Polyurethane and
Other Coatings

GatorHyde Spray of Wagoner uses a WIDE range of tough, durable coatings engineered to protect boats, trailers, RVs, trucks, After-Market accessories, hauling equipment and more against the harsh elements, corrosion, water migration and abrasion. No one product can do it all, that is why GaroHyde Spray will choose the right product to fit your specific application.

GatorHyde DLX

GatorHyde DLX is one of the world's Strongest Polyurea Coatings! This product has physical properties that go well beyond traditional polyurethane and polyurea coatings. Extremely tough and abrasion resistant, DLX is excellent for applications in the most rugged and abrasive mining applications that erode lesser formulations. Strong yet very flexible, DLX offers tensile strengths beyond 7100 psi, yet is still elastic.


GatorHyde Basecoat

GatorHyde DLX is a perfect basecoat
for using an aliphatic urethane spray to
topcoat any project wanting to match
certain colors or for color stability.
These products are also used in the
marine industry.

Physical Properties

  •   Tensile Strengths over 7,100 PSI
  •   Elongation Up To 427%
  •   Gel Times as low as 5 second or adjustable
  •   100% Solids, No VOCs
  •   High Chemical Resistance
  •    High Tear Strengths
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